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Monthly Meeting of the St. Augustine Orchid Society

Monthly Meeting of the St. Augustine Orchid Society

Monthly Meeting of the St. Augustine Orchid Society

Monthly Meeting of the St. Augustine Orchid Society

Monthly Meeting of the St. Augustine Orchid Society

January 10 Meeting - Hawaiian Grown Orchids
Ben Oliveros, Orchid Eros
    Our meeting has been changed to the second Wednesday so we could have Ben as our featured January speaker. Ben is an incredibly talented hybridizer and grower of cattleyas. His presentation will focus on Hawaiian Grown Orchids, including some of the tricks of the trade. Of particular interest, he will talk about the commercial practices that work for and against the normal orchid grower. His talk is all about orchid cultural practices, and he has learned the hard way what works and what doesn’t.
    If you've ever walked by the Oliveros house on St. George Street, you know that his family has long ties to St. Augustine. He was a commercial orchid grower in Atlanta, GA, for 12 years before he moved to Hawaii in 2004 and founded Orchid Eros. He came with 500 breeding plants and has expanded his nursery stock to 40,000. As an AOS judge, he has learned the importance of quality. Yet as a potted plant grower, he knows the need for floriferousness. So he hopes to bring you superior flowers on plants that bloom early and bloom often.
    Ben's presentation will include an Orchid Naming Auction. You will bid on the right to name a hybrid cross, after yourself, your significant other, the dearly departed, or any name that strikes your fancy. He'll bring 6 plants of the grex for you to bloom, every one of which will carry the name you select. He will register the name with the Orchid Registrar at RHS. All proceeds will benefit the St. Augustine Orchid Society.
    Bring your flowering orchids to exhibit on the Show Table. Ben will be bringing plants for sales table. Better yet, preorder from Orchid Eros and he will give you a 20% discount. We will have our normal raffle at the end of the meeting. Friends and guests are always welcome!

Date and Time:   Wednesday, January 10, 6:30 pm
Topic:   Hawaiian Grown Orchids
Where:   Watson Realty, Conference Room by Back Parking Lot
3505 US 1 South, St. Augustine

We normally meet on the first Tuesday of each month. The meeting begins with a plant sale followed by a review of the show table plants and presentation by an orchid expert. The meeting closes with a plant raffle where members can expand their collections. It's fun and informative for growers of all levels. Join us, visitors and guests are always welcome!    
Video of Orchid Society Meeting Here's a video of one of our meetings!

Growing Orchids in St. Augustine

Send us Pictures of Your Growing Areas
Show 'em Where You Grow 'em
We are pulling together a program in 2018 showing how different St. Augustine Orchid Society members grow their orchids. Start snapping pictures and tell us some of your tricks! Email us a few of your summer growing area pictures, and lots of your winter growing area set up. We are focusing on fall preparations for winter so let us know how you protect your orchids during cold weather.

Beginners - SAOS Keiki Club

Keiki Club - Meet Your Mentor

For those of you who signed up to join the mentoring program, we will have a meet and greet at Sue and Terry’s. We will talk about what each individual wants to get out of the program so we can tailor the 2018 Keiki Club schedule to achieve these goals. Spouses and partners welcome. We look forward to seeing you there!

Moderator:   Susan Smith, Mentoring Coordinator
Where:   Sue and Terry Bottom's Home
6916 Cypress Lake Court, St. Aug 32086
When: January 28, 1 - 3 pm

The Keiki Club is for our beginning orchid growers. We begin with a short presentation on a timely orchid culture topic and then it’s a free for all to discuss any and thoughts or questions you have about growing orchids. Join us, visitors and guests are always welcome!    
Video of Keiki Club Meeting Here's a video of one of our get togethers.

Beginners - SAOS Keiki Club

Mentoring Program

The mentoring program works in tandem with our Keiki Club, pairing our novice and/or new SAOS orchid growers with an experienced grower. This program allows our mentees to get one-on-one assistance and answers to their orchid growing questions. If you are interested in learning more, email Mentoring Coordinator Susan Smith.

Bl. (Bc.) Morning Glory Bl. (Bc.) Morning Glory?
Grower: Sherrie Jenkins
Nov. Member's Choice

Pot. (Chz.) Hsinying Pink Doll
Pot. (Chz.) Hsinying Pink Doll
Grower: Susan Smith
Oct. Member's Choice

Enc. ciliare
Enc. ciliare
Grower: Sue Bottom
Sept. Member's Choice

Some Cultural Tips for Orchid Growers

Bob Scully's Month by Month Orchid Growing:
December in St. Augustine. Winter's cool days and nights have already affected most collections; if all plants are not already indoors, they soon may be. Concerning daylight intensity and its duration... read more

Dr. Courtney Hackney Tips, Redux:
Jewel Orchids. Each year about this time, I notice that some of my terrestrial Jewel Orchids are initiating inflorescences... read more

Dr. Martin Motes Notes:
Progress of the Season. This November has been both warmer and wetter than normal. In effect, we have experienced an extension of the late rainy season more typical of October... read more
Orchids in December. December marks the beginning of the serious dry season in South Florida. While this additional dryness provides relief from the autumnal rains that can bring so many fun5gal problems... read more

Culture Article by Sue Bottom:
Wire Products. A well-stocked potting shed has a wide variety of wire products that are used for securing, hanging and staking ... read more

St. Augustine Orchid Society Happenings:
Gail Marshall puts together the SAOS Happenings each month so you can easily find all the orchid events around town. read SAOS Happenings

Orchid Repotting and Plant Clinic at Ace Hardware

Plant Clinic at Ace Hardware, 9 am to 1 pm

The first Saturday of the month from February through October, St. Augustine Orchid Society members will be available to talk with you, answer questions and help you repot orchids.    
Video of Ace Repotting Clinic Here's a video of a repotting clinic!

Date and Time:   Saturday, February 3, 9 am to 1 pm
Where:   Ace Hardware on US 1 South
3050 US Highway 1 South, St. Augustine 32086

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The St. Augustine Orchid Society is a dynamic group of orchid growers having all levels of experience, from those who just brought their first orchid home to those with overflowing greenhouses. All members have one thing in common. We love to share our experiences, our knowledge and our orchid divisions with other orchid growers. Come to one of our meetings and so we can get to know each other.

Join the St. Augustine Orchid Society The dues are $20 for an individual or $30 for a family if paid by check. If you prefer to join or renew your membership online, you can pay using PayPal whether or not you have a PayPal account. The online dues for an individual are $21 and for a family $31, which includes the fees PayPal charges.

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St. Augustine Orchid Society Facebook Page

St. Augustine Orchid Society Facebook Group
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We have a Facebook page where we post notices of our events, the Member's Choice plants and pictures from orchid events. The page doesn't work well for individuals to post questions or pictures, so we recently began a St. Augustine Orchid Society group. We're hoping that this will provide a more open forum for orchid discussions and posting pictures.

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