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Orchid Culture - The Basics

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Orchid Growing Basics
Orchid Growing Basics

Beginner's Guide to Orchids, Sue Bottom, SAOS
Bringing Home New Orchids, Sue Bottom, SAOS
What Orchid to Choose, Mike Heinz, SAOS
Orchid Plant Parts and Why They Matter, Sue Bottom
Understanding Your Plant Tag - Sep 14

Light for Orchids, photo courtesy of AOS

Light, the Key to Successful Blooming, AOS
Principles of Light, Erik Runkle, AOS
Orchids and Light, Bill Gourley, SAOS
Seasonal Changes in Light, Sue Bottom, SAOS

photo courtesy of the AOS

Water and Fertilizer for Orchhids
Water and Fertilizer

The How and Why of Water, AOS
Alkaline Well Water and Fertilizer, Sue Bottom, SAOS

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Humidity and Air Movement

The Importance of Fresh Air to Orchids, Sue Bottom, SAOS
The Importance of Humidity and Air Movement, AOS

Temperatures for Orchids

Cold Tolerance of Orchids, Sue Bottom, SAOS
Temperature Ranges, AOS
Why Do Orchids Need a Drop in Nighttime Temperatures?, Sue Bottom, SAOS

Orchid Roots and Potting Mixes
Roots and Potting Mixes

Orchid Roots, Sue Bottom
Orchid Roots, Canadian Orchid Congress
Orchid Potting Mixes, Sue Bottom
Orchid Potting Media Reviewed, Stephen Batchelor, AOS
Hints on Potting and Potting Media, Leo Holguin, AOS

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Propagating Orchids Vegetatively
photo courtesy of Keith Davis

More Orchid Information

Propagating Orchids Vegetatively, Sue Bottom
Ferns and Orchids Do Not Mix, Sue Bottom
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