Encyclias, Epidendrums and Their Hybrids

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Bepi. Phoenix
PHOTO 111-1
Bepi. (Eyv.) Phoenix

Bepi. Sylvia White
PHOTO 174-1
Bepi. Sylvia White

Blc. Yellow Imp x Epi. Atropine
Blc. (Rth.) Yellow Imp x Epi. (E.) Atropine

Enc. alata
Enc. (E.) alata

Enc. albopurpurea
PHOTO 127-1
Enc. (E.) albopurpurea
Enc. belizensis
PHOTO 173-4
Enc. belizensis
Enc. Cashens' Chocolate Rose x Enc. ambigua
PHOTO 116-4
Enc. (E.) Cashens' Chocolate Rose (Didgeridoo) x Enc. (E.) ambigua
Enc. chacoensis
Enc. (Psh.) chacoensis

Enc. Chiapas
PHOTO 150-4
Enc. (E.) Chiapas

Enc. cochleata
PHOTO 145-6
Enc. (Psh.) cochleata

Enc. fucata 'Bahamas'
PHOTO 117-4
Enc. (E.) fucata 'Bahamas'
Enc. Orchid Jungle
PHOTO 128-4
Enc. (E.) Orchid Jungle
Enc. patens
Enc. (E.) patens
Enc. plicata
Enc. (E.) plicata

Enc. polybulbon 'Golden Gate'
PHOTO 179-3
Enc. (E.) polybulbon 'Golden Gate'

Enc. pyriformis
PHOTO 120-5
Enc. (E.) pyriformis

Enc. radiata
PHOTO 152-3
Enc. (Psh.) radiata

Enc. Rioclarense
PHOTO 149-7
Enc. (E.) Rioclarense

Enc. steinbachii
Enc. (E.) steinbachii
Epc. Aroma Grande
PHOTO 117-5
Epc. (Cty.) Aroma Grande
Epc. First Love
PHOTO 128-5
Epc. (Gcy.) First Love
Epc. Hanging Chad
PHOTO 169-5
Epc. (Cty.) Hanging Chad

Epc. Natura
PHOTO 152-4
Epc. (Ctyh.) Natura
Epc. Siam Jade 'Avo'
PHOTO 117-6
Epc. (Ctyh.) Siam Jade 'Avo'

Epi. Annelie Wans 'Rosemarie'
PHOTO 172-2
Epi. Annelie Wans 'Rosemarie'

Epy. Belmont x Enc. profusa
PHOTO 128-7
Epi. (Epy.) Belmont x Enc. (E.) profusa

Epi. ciliare
PHOTO 131-7
Epi. ciliare

Epi. Laura Meyer
PHOTO 149-6
Epi. (Epy.) Laura Meyer

Epi. magnoliae
PHOTO 186-4
Epi. magnoliae

Epi. (Prc.) Mem. Young C. Lott 'Newberry'
PHOTO 172-3
Epi. (Prc.) Mem. Young C. Lott 'Newberry'

Epi. nocturnum
Epi. nocturnum

Epi. parkinsonianum
PHOTO 160-2
Epi. parkinsonianum

Epi. piliferum
PHOTO 8-10
Epi. piliferum

Epi. Plastic Doll
PHOTO 174-5
Epi. Plastic Doll
Epi. (Din.) polybulbon 'Golden Gate'
PHOTO 190-2
Epi. (Din.) polybulbon 'Golden Gate'
Epi. porpax
PHOTO 177-6
Epi. porpax
Epi. roseoscriptum
PHOTO 168-3
Epi. roseoscriptum
Epi. schlecterianum
PHOTO 173-5
Epi. schlecterianum
Epl. Little Nuggets 'Hackneau' HCC/AOS
PHOTO 128-6
Epl. (Pcc.) Little Nuggets 'Hackneau' HCC/AOS

Epl. Peaches McClain
PHOTO 130-4
Epl. (Cty.) Peaches McClain
Cym. Yellow Candy
PHOTO 156-4
Eplc. (Ett.) Boriquén
Eplc. Charlie Brown
PHOTO 160-3
Eplc. (Eny.) Charlie Brown

Eplc. Don Herman 'Gold Rush'
PHOTO 8-11
Eplc. (Ett.) Don Herman 'Gold Rush'
Eplc. Golden Sunburst
PHOTO 8-12
Eplc. (Eny.) Golden Sunburst
Eplc. Jackie Bright 'Hilo Stars' HCC/AOS
PHOTO 149-8
Eplc. (Eny.) Jackie Bright 'Hilo Stars' HCC/AOS

Kirchara Marv's Home Run
Kir. (Cty.) Marv's Home Run


We continue to use the genus names per Sanders. There have been many changes in taxonomy accepted by the RHS and AOS, plants in these genera are now known as Cattleychea (Ctyh.), Catyclia (Cty.), Dinema (Din.), Enanthleya (Eny.), Encyclia (E.), Encyvola (Eyv.), Epicyclia (Epy.), Epicatanthe (Ett.), Guaricyclia (Gcy.) Procycleya (Pcc) and Prosthechea (Psh.). In the hope of avoiding confusion, we also show the new genus names in parentheses where different from Sanders nomenclature.