Other Cattleyas: Barkerias, Broughtonias, Caularthrons, Leptotes, Psychilis and Their Hybrids

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Blc. (Rlc.) Waianae Leopard x Ctna. (Grt.) Why Not
PHOTO 174-4
Blc. (Rlc.) Waianae Leopard x Ctna. (Grt.) Why Not
Ctna. Maui Maid
PHOTO 127-2
Cattleytonia (Ctna.) Maui Maid
Ctna. Why Not 'Roundabout' AM/AOSsun
PHOTO 150-3
Cattleytonia (Ctna. now Grt.) Why Not 'Roundabout' AM/AOS

Diacattleya Chantilly Lace 'Twinkle'
Diacattleya (Diaca. now Clty.) Chantilly Lace 'Twinkle'
Hawkinsara Koolau Sunset 'Hawaii'
Hawkinsara (Hknsa. now Ctna.) Koolau Sunset 'Hawaii'

Iwanagara (Iana. now Jkf.) Apple Blossom
PHOTO 191-5
Iwanagara (Iana. now Jkf.) Apple Blossom

Lctna. (Gct.) Just Because 'Lea'
PHOTO 187-10
Laeliocatonia (Lctna. now Gct.) Just Because 'Lea' AM/AOS

Lctna. Quest's Sexy Eyes 'Paradise'
PHOTO 144-4
Lctna. (Ctna.) Quest's Sexy Eyes 'Paradise'
Laeliocatonia Renate 'S&W'
PHOTO 164-7
Lctna. (Gct.) Renate 'S&W'
Leptotes bicolor
PHOTO 170-4
Leptotes (Lpt.) bicolor

Lpt. pohlitinocoi
PHOTO 181-6
Lpt. pohlitinocoi

Otr. Hwa Yuan Bay 'She Shu' HCC/AOS
PHOTO 123-5
Otaara (Otr. now Rly.) Hwa Yuan Bay
'She Shu' HCC/AOS

Psycattleytonia (Pst.) Zunzun
PHOTO 151-4
Psycattleytonia (Pst.) Zunzun


We continue to use the genus names per Sanders. There have been many changes in taxonomy accepted by the RHS and AOS, hybrids in the miscellaneous genus are now known as Guaricattonia (Gct.), Guaritonia (Grt.), Jackfowlieara (Jkf.), Rhyntonleya (Rly.), Psycattleytonia (Pst.). In the hope of avoiding confusion, we also show the new genus names in parentheses where different from Sanders nomenclature.