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St. Augustine Orchid Society Speakers at Monthly Meeting


Spring Orchid Auction
Courtney picked up mature plants at the Orchid Trail in North Carolina for our spring auction. He discussed each plant's background followed by some lively bidding. A good time was had by all.
St. Augustine Orchid Society Speakers at Monthly Meeting


Steve Arthur, Steve Arthur Orchids
Steve talked about his successes when growing orchids in a cypress mulch blend commonly available at the big box stores. He explained how different substances can be added to the mix depending on the genera and cautioned against letting the mix dry out completely which can cause the cypress to dry rot.
St. Augustine Orchid Society Speakers at Monthly Meeting


Courtney Hackney, Hackneau's Art & Orchids
Courtney filled in for our scheduled speaker and did a great jump explaining how to get your orchids to rebloom. Make sure your plant is growing well enough that it can store excess energy for blooming and then provide the environmental changes that trigger blooming.
St. Augustine Orchid Society Speakers at Monthly Meeting


Suzanne Susko, St. Augustine Orchid Society
Suzanne Susko grows her immaculate plants in her pool lanai and moves them into a pop up greenhouse during the winter months. She offered many growing tips in her excellent presentation, available here if you want to refresh your memory!

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