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Phillip Hamilton

April - Phalaenopsis Orchids

Phillip Hamilton, Bredren Orchids
Phillip talked about Phalaenopsis, with many helpful tips on culture as well as describing the species and how they are used in hybridizing, with special attention to the novelty types.
Bill Thoms

March - Bulbophyllums

Bill Thoms, Bulbophyllums
Bill talked about Bulbophyllums, those oddballs of the orchid world that often have very distinctive odors and very unusual shapes. He discussed culture and growing tips in his own unique style.
Mark Rose

February - Native Orchids of the Eastern US

Mark Rose, former owner of Breckenridge Orchids
Mark showed us many of the beautiful and fascinating species of native orchids, lots of ones for us to chose from in the Platanthera group of Fringed Orchids and Spiranthes group of Ladies' Tresses.
Ben Oliveros

January - Hawaiian Grown Orchids

Ben Oliveros, Orchid Eros
Ben talked about Hawaiian Grown Orchids, telling us some of the tricks of the trade. Of particular interest, he tallked about the commercial practices that work for and against the normal orchid grower.

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