Other Vandas: Aerides, Amesiella, Arachnis, Ceratocentron, Cleisostoma, Christensonia, Gastrochilus, Robiquetia, Sedirea, Trichoglottis, Tuberolabium, Vandopsis and Their Hybrids

Aer. houlletiana
PHOTO 139-10
Aerides (Aer.) houlletiana
Aer. odorata
PHOTO 132-9
Aer. odorata
Aer. Punchinello
PHOTO 154-11
Aer. Punchinello

Aerctm. Fuchs Gem
PHOTO 151-10
Aeridocentrum (Aerctm.) Fuchs Gem

Amesiella (Ame.) philippinensis x Tuberolabium (Tblm.) kotoense
PHOTO 156-11
Amesiella (Ame.) philippinensis x Tuberolabium (Tblm.) kotoense
Aranda Melia Ann
PHOTO 64-2
Aranda (Aranda.) Melia Ann

Chri. vietnamica
PHOTO 131-10
Christensonia (Chri.) vietnamica

Rhy. coelestis x Chri. vietnamica
PHOTO 120-10
Christenstylis (Ctn.) Kedah Bella

Chtra. Luang Prabang
PHOTO 155-9
Christiera (Chtra.) Luang Prabang
Crc. Penang Sunset
PHOTO 120-8
Christocentrum (Crc.) Penang Sunset
Cleis. arietinum
PHOTO 114-11
Cleisostoma (Cleis.) arietinum

Gastrochilus (Gchls.) retrocallus
PHOTO 182-10
Gastrochilus (Gchls.) retrocallus

Mkra. Christine Panee
PHOTO 64-3
Mokara (Mkra.) Christine Panee

Robiquetia  merrillii
PHOTO 152-13
Robiquetia (Rbq.) merrillii

Sed. japonica
PHOTO 160-13
Sedirea (Sed.) japonica

Trgl. atropurpurea
PHOTO 64-8
Trichoglottis (Trgl.) atropurpurea

<Tubecentron Hsinying Girl
PHOTO 167-10
Tubecentron Hsinying Girl

Tuberolabium quisumbingii
PHOTO 73-15
Tuberolabium (Tblm.) quisumbingii

We continue to use the genus names per Sanders. There have been many changes in taxonomy accepted by the RHS and AOS, including moving Sedeira indo the Phalaenopsis genus.