Photographs of Orchids from the Show Table
Photographs of Orchids from the 2009 Show Tables

November Show Table November
Member's Choice: Blc. Dana Thomas x Lc. Oriental Splendor
Grower: Sue Bottom

October Show Table
Member's Choice: Pot. Burana Beauty 'Burana'
Grower: Dick Roth

September Show Table September
Member's Choice: Milt. moreliana
Grower: Lola Stark

August Show Table August
Member's Choice: Stanhopea oculata
Grower: Sue Bottom

July Show Table
Member's Choice: C. Pradit Spot
Grower: Sue Bottom

June Show Table June
Member's Choice: L. purpurata var. carnea
Grower: Courtney Hackney

May Show Table
Member's Choice: Dor. pulcherrima x Phal. parishii
Grower: Sue Bottom

April Show Table April
Member's Choice: Lc. Roy Finley x C. aclandiae 'Tropic 1'
Grower: Sue Bottom

March Show Table
Member's Choice: Schom. undulata
Grower: Sue Bottom

February Show Table February
Member's Choice: Den. speciosum
Grower: Dick Roth

January Show Table January
Member's Choice: Paph. spicerianum
Grower: Daisy Thompson

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