2007 SAOS Newsletters


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December - Christmas Auction

Christmas Auction at the home of Charles and Carol Wesley

November - Steve Palmer, Gator Gardens

Steve Palmer of Gator Gardens discusses vandaceous orchid culture

October - Ruben Sauleda, Ruben in Orchids

Dr. Ruben Sauledo of Ruben in Orchids discusses Encyclias of the Bahamas and Cuba

September - Rafael Romero, Plantio La Orquidea

Rafael Romero of Plantio La Orquidea discusses Venezuelan Cattleyas

August - George Hausermann, EFG Orchids

George Hausermann of EFG Orchids and Power Plant discusses terrestrial orchids

July - Harry McElroy, SAOS

Harry McElroy of the Jax and St. Aug Orchid Societies discusses water quality and fertilizer

June - Ed Bugbee, Featherstone Orchids

Ed Bugbee of Featherstone Orchids discusses Dendrobiums and their culture

May - David Swoyer

David Swoyer discusses man's association with orchids

April - Duncan Bass, Duncan's Flora

Duncan Bass of Duncan's Flora discusses species orchids

March - Charles Chapman, Chapman Orchids

Charles Chapman of Chapman Orchids discusses vandaceous orchids

February - Lynn DeLozier, Dee's Orchids

Lynn DeLozier of Dee's Orchids discusses Cymbidiums

January - Mike Heinz, SAOS

Mike Heinz of the Jax and St Aug Orchid Societies discusses Bulbophyllums