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2007 SAOS Newsletters
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December 2007
Christmas Auction
Christmas Auction at the home of Charles and Carol Wesley


November 2007
Steve Palmer, Gator Gardens
Steve Palmer of Gator Gardens discusses vandaceous orchid culture


October 2007
Ruben Sauleda, Ruben in Orchids
Dr. Ruben Sauledo of Ruben in Orchids discusses Encyclias of the Bahamas and Cuba


September 2007
Rafael Romero, Plantio La Orquidea
Rafael Romero of Plantio La Orquidea discusses Venezuelan Cattleyas


August 2007
George Hausermann, EFG Orchids
George Hausermann of EFG Orchids and Power Plant discusses terrestrial orchids


July 2007
Harry McElroy, SAOS
Harry McElroy of the Jax and St. Aug Orchid Societies discusses water quality and fertilizer


June 2007
Ed Bugbee, Featherstone Orchids
Ed Bugbee of Featherstone Orchids discusses Dendrobiums and their culture


May 2007
David Swoyer
David Swoyer discusses man's association with orchids


April 2007
Duncan Bass, Duncan's Flora
Duncan Bass of Duncan's Flora discusses species orchids


March 2007
Charles Chapman, Chapman Orchids
Charles Chapman of Chapman Orchids discusses vandaceous orchids


February 2007
Lynn DeLozier, Dee's Orchids
Lynn DeLozier of Dee's Orchids discusses Cymbidiums


January 2007
Mike Heinz, SAOS
Mike Heinz of the Jax and St Aug Orchid Societies discusses Bulbophyllums

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