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2019 SAOS Newsletters

December - Christmas Auction
Auctioneer Fred Keefer

Our annual Christmas auction was a huge success with loads of great food, great company and great flowers. Ain't we got fun!
2019 SAOS Newsletters

November - Multifloral Paphiopedilums
Brian Monk, Blu Llama Orchids

Brian Monk of Blu Llama Orchids discusses multifloral paphiopedilums and their hybrids. More flowers really are better in these enticing orchids that like an evenly moist mix.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

October - Encyclias
Ruben Sauleda, Ruben in Orchids

Ruben Sauleda of Ruben in Orchids discusses encyclias and their hybrids. Encyclias are the rewarding Cattleya alliance plants that can grow into showy specimen plants with long inflorescences, particularly when potted in a freely draining mix.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

September - Oncidiums
Bill Hill, Orchid Island Orchids

Bill Hill of Orchid Island Orchids discusses warm growers in the Oncidiinae alliance. Hydrids with warm growers like the Brazilian miltonias can produce plants that will thrive in our summer heat.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

August - Cattleyas
Segundo Cuesta, Quest Orchids

Segundo Cuesta of Quest Orchids talks about cattleyas, how to keep them healthy and bring them into bloom, sharing some of his best secrets. Here are some of the growing tips we learned from Segundo and Yolanda.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

July - Orchid CSI
Robert A. Cating, University of Florida

Robert Cating of the University of Florida lectures on CSI for Orchids teaching growers of all skill levels how to differentiate different types of orchid problems (bacteria, fungi, virus and environmental disorders) and when and how to get an accurate diagnosis.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

June - Phalaenopsis
Phillip Hamilton, DeLeon's Bromeliads and Orchids

Phillip Hamilton of DeLeon's Bromeliads and Orchids in Mt. Dora discusses Phalaenopsis, how to grow them in our area, how to handle problems, species important in hybridizing and the latest hybrids from the Taiwan show.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

May - Color Variations in Orchids
Ron McHatton, American Orchid Society

Ron McHatton, AOS Director of Education and Regional Operations, talks about color variations in orchids, how colors are presented in the flowers and how certain orchids suppress or enhance colors in their hybrids.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

April - 25 Best Orchids I Have Seen
Greg Allikas, OrchidWorks.com

Greg Allikas, professional photographer and graphics artist, talks about the 25 best orchids he has seen.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

March - Vandas
Jim Sabetto, Tropic One Orchids

Jim Sabetto, cracker gone cajun former owner of Tropic 1 Orchids, talks about how to grow the best vandas in our area, the correct light, water and fertilizer, some common pests and some grower's secrets.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

February - Travel Opportunities
Shelton Thorne, American Group Travel

Shelton Thorne of American Group Travel discussses travel opportunities for orchiding in Costa Rica and Panama.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

January - Venezuelan Cattleyas
Michael Sinn, Canaima Orchids

Michael Sinn of Canaima Orchids in Palmetto, Florida talks about Venezuelan Cattleya species natural habitats and examples of selected clones.