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2019 SAOS Newsletters

December - Christmas Auction
Auctioneer Fred Keefer

Our annual Christmas auction was a huge success with loads of great food, great company and great flowers. Ain't we got fun!
2019 SAOS Newsletters

November - Mini and Midi Cattleyas
Fred Clarke, Sunset Valley Orchids

Fred Clarke of Sunset Valley Orchids provides a detailed look at the latest developments in the breeding and growing of the colorful mini and midi cattleyas. He discusses the small growing cattleya species, the important breeding plants and what hybrids are available as well as the best growing practices.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

October - Flared Cattleyas
Roy Tokunaga, H & R Nurseries

Roy Tokunaga of H & R Nurseries in Waimanalo, Hawaii discusses flared cattleyas using Cattleya intermedia v. aquinii in creating new exciting colors for cattleyas. He talks about cattleya culture, stressing the importance of good ventilation around the roots, sufficient light and using fertilizer containing calcium.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

September - Basic Orchid Culture
Jose Exposito, Soroa Orchids

Jose Exposito of Soroa Orchids in Homestead discusses basic orchid culture with hilarious insights into your watering mentality, for the grower that waters every Saturday (whether the plants need it or not), forgets to water or waters whenever the wife wants to have "the talk".
2019 SAOS Newsletters

August - Water Quality
Dr. Courtney Hackney, Hackneau's Art and Orchids

Crowd favorite Dr. Courtney Hackney talks about water quality and orchids: the differences between the roots of epiphytic orchids and plants that grow in soil as well as how to properly water and fertilize your orchids with our less than ideal alkaline well water.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

July - Summer Orchid Auction
Fred Keefer, Auctioneer Extraordinaire

Fred Keefer of Orchids by Del-Rei was our master of ceremonies at the Summer Orchid Auction. We had about 30 different plants of all different stripes to auction. Good orchids, good food, good company... a good time was had by all!
2019 SAOS Newsletters

June - Growing Specimen Plants
Bill Thoms, Bulbophyllums

Bill Thoms of Bulbophyllums.com in Valrico talks about how to grow specimen sized plants. He talks about the importance of watering, fertilizing weakly weekly, providing fresh air, along with other tips... and did he mention feeding your orchids every week?
2019 SAOS Newsletters

May - It's Summer and the Growing is Easy
Jim Roberts, Florida Suncoast Orchids

Jim Roberts of Florida Suncoast Orchids in Myakka City discusses growing orchids outdoors in his presentation aptly titled "Summertime and the Growin' is Easy".
2019 SAOS Newsletters

April - Phalaenthe Dendrobiums
Mark Edlund, Orchid Acres

Mark Edlund of Orchid Acres in Wellington discusses basic dendrobium culture for the phalaenopsis type dendrobiums. Bright light, plenty of water and fertilizer and inorganic potting mixes will result in loads of blooms.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

March - Magnificent Stanhopeas
Linda Wilhelm, Woodland Orchids

Linda Wilhelm of Woodland Orchids in Charlotte discusses the Magnificent Stanhopeas. Stanhopeas are the South American orchids found irresistible by both euglossine bees and humans.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

February - Angraecums
Tom Nasser, Carolina Orchids

Tom Nasser of Carolina Orchids in Fort Mill, South Carolina discusses Angraecums, those long-lasting flowers that are mostly white or creamy white and often very fragrant at night.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

January - Orchids of the Philippines
Marv Ragan, MAJ Orchids

Marv Ragan, SAOS Member and well known taxonomist, talks about the orchids of the Philippines.