2011 SAOS Newsletters


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2019 SAOS Newsletters

December - Christmas Auction
Auctioneer Fred Keefer

Our annual Christmas auction featured great food, great company and great flowers. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Feliz Navidad and a very Happy New Year to all!
2019 SAOS Newsletters

November - OrchidWiz
Marv Ragan, MAJ Orchids

Marv Ragan discusses the capabilities of the OrchidWiz Encyclopedia program, the fine orchid database program that contains a raft of information, including orchid genealogy, orchid culture sheets, over 75,000 photographs and a journal where you can track your orchids and orchid photographs.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

October - How to Kill Your Orchids
Linda Wilhelm, Woodland Orchids

Linda Wilhelm of Woodland Orchids in Charlotte, North Carolina shares some of the basic and more advanced methods of 'How to Kill Your Orchids'.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

September - Ask the Professor
Courtney Hackney, Hackneau's Art & Orchids

Courtney Hackney answered all our questions during his 'Ask the Professor' presentation. He makes it all simple addressing why orchid roots are different from your other houseplants roots, how to select an orchid and more.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

August - Miniature Cattleyas
Alan Koch, Gold Country Orchids

Alan Koch of Gold Country Orchids describes the building blocks of miniature cattleya breeding for warm climates, talking about the different species along with their cultural likes and dislikes, finishing with pictures of the hardier beautiful hybrids.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

July - Summer Orchid Auction
Fred Keefer, Auctioneer Extraordinaire

Fred Keefer of Orchids by Del-Rei was our master of ceremonies at the Summer Members Orchid Auction. We had almost 30 plants from different SAOS growers to auction.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

June - Orchids in Colombia
Dr. Ruben Sauleda, Ruben in Orchids

Dr. Ruben Sauleda of Ruben in Orchids in Goulds returns to St. Aug to talk about the orchids in Colombia, where orchids grow and bloom in nature as well as along roadsides and in town squares...often with a higher flower quality than we see on AOS judging tables.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

May - What do You Mean it Won't Grow
Brian Monk, Blu Llama Orchids

Brian Monk of Blu Llama Orchids in Fort Lauderdale discusses orchid culture in his presentation titled "What Do You Mean It Won't Grow".
2019 SAOS Newsletters

April - Pedilonum Dendrobiums
Greg Allikas, Orchid Works

Greg Allikas of Orchid Works in West Palm Beach discusses Pedilonum Section dendrobiums, characterized by clusters of flowers produced from leafless canes. This group differs from other species in the genus because they have adapted to bird pollination.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

March - Semi-Hydroponics
Ernie Gemeinhart, Enlightened Ochids

Ernie Gemeinhart of Enlightened Orchids in Orlando discusses semihydroponic orchid culture. The advantages of semihydroponic orchid culture along with how to get started with semihydroponics are discussed.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

February - Florida Native Orchids
Prem Subrahmanyam, Florida Native Orchids

Prem Subrahmanyam of Florida Native Orchids in the Orlando area discusses the "Orchids in Our Back Yards": how, where and when to find native and naturalized orchids in Florida.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

January - Orchids of Mexico
Ed Bugbee, Featherstone Orchids

Ed Bugbee of Featherstone Orchides in Crystal River talks about orchids in Mexico.