2012 SAOS Newsletters


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2019 SAOS Newsletters

December - Christmas Auction
Auctioneer Bob Schimmel

Our annual Christmas auction with auctioneer Bob Schimmel featured great food, great company and great flowers. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Feliz Navidad and a very Happy New Year to all!
2019 SAOS Newsletters

November - Movie Night
The Judge, the Hunter, the Thief and the Black Orchid

We had lots of popcorn for movie night when we watched The Judge, the Hunter, the Thief and the Black Orchid.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

October - Australian Dendrobiums
Fred Clarke, Sunset Valley Orchids

Crowd favorite Fred Clarke of Sunset Valley Orchids in Vista, California discusses Australian dendrobiums. These are one of the few orchids that rebloom off of old canes, and can do this for 6 or 7 years. It is not unusual to have 2 or 3 bloom spikes from each cane.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

September - Brazilian Miltonias
Brian Monk, Blu Llama Orchids

Brian Monk of Blu Llama Orchids in Fort Lauderdale discusses Brazilian Miltonias - 'Some Like it Hot'. Miltonias are very heat tolerant and enjoy being grown on a mount with frequent watering.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

August - Cymbidiums
Harry McElroy, the Cymbidium Man

The Cymbidium Man Harry McElroy talks about cymbidiums that will grow in north Florida. This handout describes the heat tolerant cymbidiums to look for in the parentage of your hybrid cymbidiums.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

July - Summer Orchid Auction
Fred Keefer, Auctioneer Extraordinaire

Fred was our master of ceremonies at the Summer Orchid Auction.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

June - Bifoliate Cattleyas
Dr. Ruben Sauleda, Ruben in Orchids

Dr. Ruben Sauleda of Ruben in Orchids in Goulds returns to St. Aug to talk about bifoliate cattleyas, their color forms, culture and interesting hybrids.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

May - Mexican Orchids
Weyman Bussey

Weyman Bussey discusses showy Mexican orchid species. His handout has a lot of great information, including the benefits of having a cocktail with your orchids!
2019 SAOS Newsletters

April - Cattleyas
Bob Scully, of the former Jones and Scully

Bob Scully of the former great Jones and Scully orchid nursery discusses the breeding and culture of standard cattleyas.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

March - Cattleyas for the New Millenium
Gene Crocker, Carter and Holmes

Gene Crocker of Carter and Holmes in Newberry, South Carolina talks about cattleyas for the new millennium.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

February - Encyclias
Jim Roberts, Florida SunCoast Orchids

Jim Roberts of Florida SunCoast Orchids in Myakka City near Sarasota discusses a few Encyclias to enjoy.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

January - Growing Orchids
George Hausermann Jr., EFG Orchids

George Hausermann Jr. of EFG Orchids in Deland talks about different growing strategies, mounting orchids to save space and mimic how orchids grow in nature, using sphagnum in clay pots for cooler growing plants and more.