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December 2013 SAOS Christmas Auction

December 2013
Christmas Auction
Our annual Christmas auction featured great food, great company and great flowers. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Feliz Navidad and a very Happy New Year to all!

Rafael Romero, Plantio La Orquidea

November 2013
Rafael Romero, Plantio La Orquidea
Rafael talked about Schomburgkias and their hybrids, showing us some of the fine examples of their breeding program, irrestistible!

Courtney Hackney, Hackneau Art and Orchids

October 2013
Courtney Hackney, Hackneau's Art and Orchids
Courtney gave us lots of orchid growing tips, try to mimic how orchids grow in nature and make sure you have lots and lots of healthy roots.

Mac Rivenbark, Mac's Orchids

September 2013
Mac Rivenbark, Mac's Orchids
Mac Rivenbark talked about vandas and vandaceous orchids, a fun filled talk peppered with Mac's observations on how to best grow different varieties of monopodial orchids.

Roy Tokunaga, H & R Nurseries

August 2013
Roy Tokunaga, H & R Nurseries
Roy's Secret Bloom Booster: Calcium. For beautiful blooms, you need a healthy plant; for a healthy plant, you must have vibrant roots; for vibrant roots, make sure they get enough air and calcium!

Fred Keefer, Summer Orchid Auction

July 2013
Fred Keefer, Auctioneer Extraordinaire
Fred Keefer of Orchids by Del-Rei was our master of ceremonies at the Summer Orchid Auction.

Phillip Hamilton, Bredren Orchids

June 2013
Phillip Hamilton, Bredren Orchids
Phillip Hamilton talked about Broughtonias and their hybrids with cattleyas, which ones to look for and how to grow them.

Keith Davis, Orchid Hobbyist and Hybridizer

May 2013
Keith Davis, Keith Davis Orchids
Keith Davis enthralled the crowd with his tips for better growing and happier orchids. His handout has a lot of great information, the basics of orchid culture, orchid propagation, clothespin etiquette and more.

Francisco Miranda, Miranda Orchids

April 2013  
Francisco Miranda, Miranda Orchids
Francisco Miranda discussed the orchids of the Brazilian Amazon, with details on the various habitats orchids call home.

Hal Hills

March 2013 
Dr. Hal Hills
Hal Hills talked about the fragrances of euglossine bee pollinated orchids, those in the Neotropical subtribes Stanhopeinae and Catasetinae.

Ruben Sauleda, Ruben in Orchids

February 2013
Ruben Sauleda, Ruben in Orchids
Dr. Ruben Sauleda of Ruben in Orchids in Goulds discussed the propagation of orchids. He talked about how orchids are pollinated, the seeds sown in flask and the plantlets deflasked to grow up and flower.

Panel Discussion with Sue Bottom and Josh Jones

January 2013
Panel Discussion with Josh Jones and Sue Bottom
A panel discussion about growing orchids with lots of participation from the audience, who both asked and answered questions.

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