2014 SAOS Newsletters


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2019 SAOS Newsletters

December - Christmas Auction
Auctioneer Bob Schimmel

Our annual Christmas auction was a great opportunity to have fun with our orchid friends, and bring home some new orchids too!
2019 SAOS Newsletters

November - Orchid Growing Tips
Dr. Courtney Hackney, Hackneau's Art and Orchids

Courtney talked about growing orchids, touching on all the orchid basics and showing what kind of problems you might encounter and how a change in your cultural practices can prevent them from recurring. We could listen to Courtney talk for hours!
2019 SAOS Newsletters

October - Spotted and Splashed Cattleyas
Fred Clarke, Sunset Valley Orchids

Fred wowed us with his images of splashed and spotted cattleyas, showing us many of the orchids involved in creating these visual delights. He also gave us lots of cultural tips for growing the best cattleyas.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

September - Species Habitat, Hybrid Culture
Alan Koch, Gold Country Orchids

Alan talked about the importance of understanding the habitat in which a species grows in order to provide the proper culture when the species and its hybrids are in our care.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

August - Watering Your Orchids
Sue Bottom, St. Augustine Orchid Society

Sue talked about watering your orchids during each season, water quality in St. Augustine and how to select your fertilizer based on your water quality, here's a link to the presentation.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

July - Summer Orchid Auction
Fred Keefer, Auctioneer Extraordinaire

Fred was our master of ceremonies at the Summer Orchid Auction.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

June - Potting without Pots
Michael Polen, Art Stone Orchids

Michael gave an ab fab program on potting without pots, demonstrating lots of his practical tricks for mounting orchids on slabs, rafts and baskets. Fabulous!
2019 SAOS Newsletters

May - Oncidiums
Steve Hawkins, The Orchid Specialist

Steve talked about oncidium orchid culture with special attention on the Psychopsis and Tolumnia oncidiums.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

April - The Ultimate Hobby Greenhouse
Terry Bottom, St. Augustine Orchid Society

Terry talked about the ultimate hobby greenhouse along with some more affordable versions for your first greenhouse.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

March - Pendulous Dendrobiums
Jim Roberts, Florida SunCoast Orchids

Jim talked about pendulous dendrobiums. These gregarious bloomers love a cool dryish winter and reward you with scads of blooms in the spring.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

February - Brassavola nodosa
Ruben Sauleda, Ruben in Orchids

Ruben discussed Brassavola nodosa and its hybrids. These easy to grow plants can rapidly grow into specimen sized plants and reward you with multiple blooms throughout the year.
2019 SAOS Newsletters

January - Paphiopedilums
Thanh Nguyen, Springwater Orchids

Thanh talked about where paphiopedilums grow in nature and how understanding their habitat helps you understand their cultural needs.