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December 2016 SAOS Christmas Auction

December 2016
Christmas Auction
Our annual Christmas auction was a great opportunity to eat, drink and be merry with our orchid friends, and we had a very lively group of bidders!

John Budree

November 2016
John Budree, Orchid Hobbyist
John talked about the weird to beautiful bulbophyllums, that varied group of aromatic orchids that are perfect for the overwaterers among us.

Roy Tokunaga

October 2016
Roy Tokunaga, H and R Nurseries
Roy talked about dendrobiums, a diverse group of over 1200 species organized into 40 or so sections, with cultural advice on how to grow the different types. It's always instructive to sit at the foot of one of the masters!

Thanh Nguyen, Springwater Orchids

September 2016
Thanh Nguyen, Springwater Orchids
Thanh talked about 12 unusual and easy to grow orchids you should consider adding to your collection... and he brought all of them along with lots of other interesting plants to tempt you on the Sales Table.

Alan Koch

August 2016
Alan Koch, Gold Country Orchids
Alan gave a great talk on the managing your orchid collection. Regardless of whether you grow inside the home, in the yard or in a greenhouse, you must learn the limitation of your growing area, your water quality and light levels and then choose your orchids accordingly.

George Hausermann, EFG Orchids

July 2016
George Hausermann, EFG Orchids
George told us about different orchids we can use in our landscape, the thin leaved ground orchids like Phaius and Sarcoglottis that like shade and the thicker leaved Spathoglottis that like more sun.

Fred Clarke

June 2016
Fred Clarke, Sunset Valley Orchids
Fred wowed the crowd with his lively discussion of catasetums with the species' wild variations in shapes and colors, the many beautiful and unusual hybrids and most important, how to grow 'em!

Courtney Hackney

May 2016  
Courtney Hackney, Hackneau's Art and Orchids
Courtney talked about the color blue in orchids and how cattleya hybridizers have pursued the elusive coerula coloration while also learning some cultural tricks to improve the color.

Terry Bottom

April 2016  
Spring Orchid Auction
Courtney returned from Hawaii with almost two dozen cattleya hybrids from Orchid Eros for our spring auction. He discussed each plant's background and then Bob auctioned the plant, and a good time was had by all.

Vern Bloch

March 2016 
Vern Bloch, Orchid Hobbyist and Grower
Vern talked about orchid leaves and roots, how the leaves photosynthesize using the energy of the sun as well as the water and nutrients delivered via the xylem and produce the carbs and sugars delivered throughout the plant via the phloem.

Mac Rivenbark, Mac's Orchids

February 2016
Mac Rivenbark, Mac's Orchids
Mac and Helen returned to St. Augustine to talk about some of Mac's favorite orchids. He had lots of good growing tips to go along with those beautiful pictures of ordhids from the Philippines.

St. Augustine Orchid Society

January 2016
St. Augustine Orchid Society Members
Linda Stewart was the Master of Ceremonies for our second annual Growing Orchids in St. Augustine program, where club members Mary Ann Bell, Art Russell and Suzanne Susko talked about how they grow their orchids during the warm summer and cold winter months.

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