SAOS Photographs - Monthly Meetings, Keiki Club, Orchid Shows and Festivals
Photographs and Videos of SAOS Activities in 2014

December    Christmas Auction
November     Talk with the Professor with Courtney Hackney    
October     Flared and Spotted Cattleyas with Fred Clarke     Gainesville Orchid Society Show     Orchtoberfest at EFG    AOS Members Meeting
September    Species Habitat and Hybrid Culture with Alan Koch    
August     Watering, Water Quality and Fertilizer with Sue Bottom     Keiki Club - Growing Different Types of Orchids
July     Summer Auction at Monthly Meeting     Keiki Club - Caring for Different Orchids
June     Potting without Pots with Michael Polen     Keiki Club - Repotting Phalaenopsis
May     Oncidiums with Steve Hawkins     Orchids by Del-Rei Open House    Redlands Festival      Keiki Club - Summer Orchid Care    
April     The Ultimate Hobby Greenhouse with Terry Bottom     Keiki Club - Orchids Outside the Pot    
March     Pendulous Dendrobiums with Jim Roberts     Jacksonville Orchid Society Show     Keiki Club - Spring Repotting    
February     Brassavola nodosa Hybrids with Ruben Sauleda     Keiki Club - Cymbidiums
January     Paphiopedilums with Thanh Nguyen