Special Committees


Audit Committee

Responsible for Auditing Prior Year's Finances The Audit Committee is formed in the fourth quarter to be ready to audit the prior year's finances in January and report the results to the SAOS Board.

Bylaws Committee

Responsible for Reviewing SAOS Bylaws The Bylaws Committee may be formed in the first quarter to review the SAOS Bylaws and make recommendations for any changes to the Board, if necessary. If changes are deemed necessary, they are presented to the general membership for review and approval.

Election Committee

Responsible for Conducting Elections at November Meeting If there is more than one candidate for an office at the November meeting, the President will name an election committee of three members to conduct the election for officers and directors. All the nominating committee recommendations for each office are listed on the ballot and a space is provided for a write-in candidate for each office. The members ballots are tallied by the Election Committee and the results reported at the November meeting.

Nominating Committee

Responsible for Recommending Next Year's Officers and Directors The Nominating Committee is formed in September to identify a slate of candidates for next year's officers and directors. The Nominating Committee is announced to the general membership in October and makes recommendations at the November meeting when the general membership either accepts the Nominating Committees recommendations or an election is held for the members to vote on their candidates of choice. The new officers and directors are installed at the December meeting taking full control of their office by the January meeting.