Officers and Directors

Janis Croft

Janis Croft
Communications Committee Chair

The Communications Committee is responsible for the documentation of club activities. This includes preparing the minutes of the monthly meetings (forwarded to the Newsletter Editor) and the minutes at all Board meetings (forwarded the Board of Directors), along with maintenance of the electronic records.
Dianne Batchelder

Jeanette Smith

Yvonne Schimmel

Carolyn Smith

Dianne Batchelder
Events Committee Chair

The Events Committee is responsible for the planning, oversight and execution of all the events in which the SAOS participates. This includes coordinating the refreshments at monthly meetings, picnics and other events, coordinating the activities of refreshment and clean up volunteers, and ensuring all monthly meetings are advertised and club activities are publicized. Many members participate to ensure a smooth monthly meeting:
Hospitality Table. Our gracious hostess Jeanette Smith provides some of the goodies on our hospitality table along with other volunteers. Drop a dollar into the donations jar to fund the coffee and other supplies necessary for her efforts.
Publicity.Yvonne Schimmel is responsible for publicizing the SAOS and the benefits of membership.
Welcome Table. Membership Committee volunteers Carolyn Smith and Rae Coletti man the Welcome Table to introduce guests to the club. If you have questions, they'll introduce you to someone who will get you the answers.
Raffle Tickets. Dianne Batchelder assists the Finance Committee to organize the plant raffle and run the raffle and auction. Somehow our newcomers always seem to go home with a new orchid!
Show Table. Members bring their blooming orchids to the show table. Courtney Hackney talks about the show table plants and Terry Bottom photographs them. After oohing and aahing, members are asked to vote for their favorite orchid on the Show Table and the Members Choice is announced.
Clean Up Volunteers. Volunteers stay a little while after the meeting to help rearrange and clean up tables and sweep up. Watson Realty graciously offers us the use of their conference room, we need to leave it in as good or better condition than we found it.
Janis Croft

Janis Croft
Exhibits Committee Chair

The Exhibit Committee plans, organizes, puts in and removes exhibits at shows in which the SAOS elects to participate. A new committee is formed for each planned exhibit. Here are the guidelines for individual exhibitors and show committee members. For some great guidance, check out Greg Allikas' short course on putting in an exhibit: Master Class, AOS Point Scale, Color Flow, How Much Do I Need and Checklist.
Bill Gourley

Bill Gourley
Finance Committee Chair

The Finance Committee is responsible for maintaining proper banking and financial arrangements, properly receiving and disbursing SAOS funds, preparing annual budgets and statements of accounts, producing the books and accounts for inspection by designated auditors, maintaining an inventory list of SAOS owned property and filing all necessary state and federal tax forms within the allowable filing periods. The raffles and auctions are coordinated through the Finance Committee.
Bea Orendorff

Bea Orendorff

The Library Committee maintains the SAOS library, recommends new purchases and coordinates with members to borrow and return books. The library pages have a complete listing of library resources and borrowing procedures.
Linda Stewart

Susan Smith

Linda Stewart
Membership Committee Chair

The Membership Committee takes appropriate steps to stimulate interest in SAOS memberships, distribute membership information and introduce new members and guests to the purpose and benefits of the SAOS. The Membership Committee includes the Sunshine Coordinator and the Welcome Table Coordinators. If you are aware of a significant event in the lives of one of our members, make sure to let us know.
Mentoring Coordinator. The Membership Committee has developed a Mentoring Program for our new growers to pair them with more experienced growers. The mentors are available to answer questions and help with selecting growing areas and practices. Contact Susan Smith, our Mentoring Coordinator if you would like to become involved in the Mentoring Program.
Terry Bottom

Terry and Sue Bottom
Newsletter Editors

The Newsletter Committee publishes and distributes the monthly SAOS newsletter. Members are invited to submit articles describing their growing practices for the Home and Backyard Orchid Growing feature . Feel free to submit articles for a regular or special newsletter column.
Sue Bottom

Courtney Hackney

Doug Smith

Sue Bottom
Programs Committee Chair

The Programs Committee selects speakers for the Monthly Meetings and Keiki Club, invites them to present their programs and coordinates their travel plans. The Program committee supervises the educational opportunities for the Orchid Society, including the monthly meetings, Keiki Club get togethers and Ace Repotting Clinics.
Show Table Coordinator. Show Table Coordinator Courtney Hackney reviews the plants brought to the show table each month. He always has interesting observations about the plants, describing how to grow them, how they are used in hybridizing, what their special needs are, etc.
Keiki Club Coordinator. The Keiki Club is for our beginning orchid growers. We begin with a short presentation on a timely orchid culture topic and then it’s a free for all to discuss any and thoughts or questions you have about growing orchids. Doug Smith advocates for the newcomers and new growers.
Sue Bottom

Sue and Terry Bottom

The Website Committee maintains the website and keeps it current by posting information about the SAOS and its events, upcoming orchid shows, orchid cultural information, links to site of interest and photographs of orchids brought to the Show Table.