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The St. Augustine Orchid Society is a dynamic group of orchid growers having all levels of experience, from those who just brought their first orchid home to those with overflowing greenhouses. All members have one thing in common. We love to share our experiences, our knowledge and our orchid divisions with other orchid growers. Come to one of our meetings so we can get to know each other.
  If you would like to join, you can complete this interactive form on line. Print it out and drop it in the mail or bring to one of our meetings. The dues are $20 for an individual or $30 for a family.
  If you join during Septpember, October, November or December, your dues are considered to be paid for the next year too.

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If you prefer to join or renew your membership online, you can pay using PayPal whether or not you have a PayPal account. If paid online, the dues for an individual are $21 and for a family $31, which includes the PayPal fees.

Here are some of the many benefits of membership in the St. Augustine Orchid Society:

  • Monthly Meetings. There is something to be learned at every meeting from our knowledgeable, entertaining and professional speakers. Topics include how to grow different types of orchids, the orchids indigenous to different areas of the world, how different species are used in hybridizing orchids and more.

  • Raffles and Auctions. We have orchid raffles at every meeting and periodic orchid auctions. These are great opportunities to bring home new types of orchids and expand you collection.

  • Potting Supplies. We offer special potting mixes formulated for different types of orchids as well as fertilizers suitable for our water quality. These supplies are not available at retail outlets.

  • Newsletter. The monthly newsletter is a work of art featuring many images of beautiful orchids. It is also full of practical orchid growing tips including a monthly to-do checklist and a question and answer column.

  • Library. The books and DVDs in our library are yours to check out. There is a complete listing of library resources with book descriptions available on the website.

  • Keiki Club. We meet at a member's home on a weekend afternoon to talk about the basics of orchid growing. Members are free to bring plants they have questions about or that require repotting.

  • Mentoring Program. We have a mentoring program to pair up newer growers with more experienced growers to provide one on one assistance and answers.

  • Plant Clinics. Club members are available to help you with repotting or problem plants at monthly Ace repotting clinics.

  • Field Trips. We take periodic group trips to orchid events and orchid nurseries. Depending on the event, we may carpool or rent a bus to get to our orchid destination.

  • Website. The website contains club information, a listing of orchid events around town and in Florida, photographs of many types of orchids, orchid growing articles for new and experienced growers and monthly orchid growing checklists.

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We have assembled lots of information on the website to help you grow the happiest and healthiest orchids. Help us maintain this orchid cultural database with your financial support! The SAOS is a Section 501(c)(3) not for profit organization so all donations are tax deductible.

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