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Vern Bloch

May - Laelia purpurata and Its Hybrids
Vern Bloch, prior owner of Palm Bay Orchid Range
Vern talked about Laelia purpurata, one of the finest of all cultivated orchids. In addition to its large showy flowers, it has one of the widest ranges of color forms. There are probably more named cultivars of L. purpurata than any other Laelia or Cattleya species. This species is used extensively in hybridizing and Vern has amassed a nice collection of the species and hybrids.

Courtney Hackney

April - Judging Orchids
Courtney Hackney
Courtney gave an Orchid Judging 101 talk describing how the American Orchid Society conducts ribbon and flower quality judging. For anyone interested in learning more, take a trip to the North Central Florida Judging Center to observe the judging process. Bring a plant, who knows, you might come home with an award.

Daryl Venables

March - Tolumnias, the Equitant Oncidiums
Daryl Venables, Tezula Plants
Daryl talked about the key to growing Tolumnias, understanding their natural habitat, growing on twigs where they are exposed to bright light and air movement. Moisture is provided by high humidity and by daily rain showers or heavy dews. Due to constant air movement by the trade winds, plants never remain wet for long.

Gene Crocker

February - Cattleyas of the Andes
Gene Crocker, Hybridizer at Carter and Holmes Orchids
Gene talked about the Cattleyas of the Andes, taking us on a tour from north to south showing the species and their color forms, giving us tips about their culture and value in hybridizing. A program by a master of hybridizing with cattleyas and other genera.

Dave Off

January - Cattleya Collecting
Dave Off, Waldor Orchids
Dave talked about different methods and reasoning in building your cattleya collection, with interesting stories about the beautiful orchids in his family's heirloom collection.

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