Orchid Culture - Articles by Sue Bottom

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A compendium of Sue's articles, many originally published in the Newsletter

General Orchid Culture

General Orchid Culture
Watering and Water Quality
Fertilizing Orchids
Orchid Potting Media
Repotting Orchids
Orchid Pots
Temperature, Humidity and Air Movement


Seasonal Changes in Light - Feb 14
Orchid Growth Processes

Orchid Growth Processes

Plant Growth Processes - Oct 17
Orchid Roots - Jun 13
Apical Dominance and Growth Patterns - Jun 17
Seasonal Tips
More Orchid Information

Different Types of Orchids

Specific Genera
Species and Hybrids

Orchid Ailments

Orchid Pests

Orchid Pests

Thrips on Orchids - Oct 12
The Usual Suspects - Common Orchid Pests - Jun 20
Rats - Aug 20
Orchid Diseases
Pesticides, Fungicides and Bactericides

Pesticides, Fungicides and Bactericides

Applying Fertilizers and Chemicals - Nov 16
Fungicides and Bactericides for Orchid Diseases - Jul 10, Nov 15
Hydrogen Peroxide - Jul 17
Pesticides for Orchid Pests - Dec 09
Physiological and Environmental Problems
Orchid Virus